Our range of small label unwinders can handle labels up to 120mm and unwind rolls with diameter up to 170mm. Users can choose among 2 different types of core holder: the adjustable one from 40mm up to 76mm and 3”.


Small Unwinder with adjustable core holder


Small Unwinder with 3” fixed core holder

Unwinders are equipped with an external auto-switching 100/240V power supply and an electronic circuit controls the functions.

The motor speed is 120rpm. When the roll of labels runs out, the unwinder stops by uttering an acoustic signal. The possibility to adjust the sense of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, allows to rewind the labels face in or face out.

The tension arm adjusts the speed of rotation: when it is down, the unwinder turns at full speed, whereas when the tension arm is up, the rewinder is idle and blocks the motor’s rotation when the printer stops.

Our small label unwinder series is available in two different versions and every model is marked by its own code.